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Your Safety is Our Priority

We’re dedicated to making St. Claire Regional Medical Center a safe place for patient care and we want you to be our partner in care. You are the most important member of your care team. Know what’s happening with your care, and how you can help us keep you safe.

Your Role in Patient Safety

  • Provide your care team with accurate information about your current health condition and health history, including medications you are taking and allergies you may have.
  • Pay attention and make sure you are getting the right treatments and medicines from the right hospital staff.
  • Know your medicines and understand what they treat, why you need them, and how to take them for best results.
  • Ask questions and voice concerns. If you are unable to speak up for yourself, designate a support person who can speak up for you during your stay.
  • Learn about your medical condition, tests, and treatment options.
  • If you have questions, make a list so you don’t forget to ask your healthcare provider.
  • Ask for help. We want you to maintain as much independence as possible during your hospital stay, but if you need help, press your call button for assistance.

Our Role in Patient Safety

  • A member of your care team will check in on you regularly to monitor your vitals and ask about your condition. Each member of your care team is expected to introduce themselves by name and wear a St. Claire HealthCare ID badge.
  • We will explain your condition and your care plan. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask your doctor for clarification.
  • We will ask you about any allergies you may have and your reactions to the allergens. If you have an allergy, please alert your care team.
  • A member of your care team will assess your risk for falling and take appropriate precautions to prevent a fall during your stay.
  • Before administering medication or providing any type of treatment, we will check your wristband and ask your name and date of birth.
  • We will wash our hands before and after touching any patient to prevent the spread of infection. Don’t be afraid to ask if we have followed proper hand hygiene.