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Understanding Your Bill

You can expect to receive multiple bills for your hospital stay. You will receive a hospital bill that will include (but is not limited to) facility charges such as room and board, nursing services, laboratory services, and medical supplies related to your treatment. You will also receive additional bills from the physicians involved in your care which may include emergency physicians, radiologists, and other specialists.

Claims will be submitted to your insurance company(s) on your behalf, providing we have all the necessary information. After your insurance company sends payment, we will send you a bill with the balance due. You will be responsible for any amount not paid by your insurance company(s) within 45 days, except where specifically prohibited by law. (Payment will be expected on the day of service for co-payments, deductibles and/or co-insurance as your insurance provider requires.)

Need Help?

We understand that healthcare bills can be complicated. We’re here to help. If you have questions about a bill you’ve received, or are having trouble paying your bill, please let us know. You can speak with a member of our financial services team by calling 606.783.6554.

Financial Assistance

If you don’t have health insurance or are under-insured, the St. Claire HealthCare Assistance Program may help pay for all or part of your hospital services. Learn more.