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Planning for Discharge

We understand you are probably anxious to return home after your hospital stay, but we need your patience while we coordinate your discharge. The discharge process requires coordination between many members of your care team and close attention to detail to be sure all of your follow-up care has been planned accordingly. While you wait, be sure you can check off all the applicable items on this discharge checklist.

Discharge Checklist

  • Have you received discharge instructions including special instructions for any needed follow-up care?
  • Did you ask questions to be sure you understand those instructions clearly?
  • Do you need someone to assist you at home? Do they understand the type of care you will need, what to look for if your condition changes, when to call for help and whom to contact?
  • Have you received instructions on how to operate any required medical equipment?
  • Have you received your medications through the Meds-to-Beds program (see below for details) or have you received prescriptions for any new medications? Do you understand what each medication is and why you are taking it? Have you talked with your doctor or a pharmacist about any possible interactions? (If you receive a list of your current medications, keep this list and take it with you to your follow-up appointment.)
  • Do you have all of your personal items? If you deposited valuables in the hospital safe, ask your nurse to retrieve those items for you.

Meds-to-Beds Program

Why make an extra stop at the pharmacy? With our Meds-to-Beds program you can have your medications delivered to your hospital room before you leave. Our pharmacists will make sure you get the right medications and prescription education, all while saving you the hassle of making an extra stop on your way home.