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Academic-Practice Scholarship

Expanding access to quality education and meaningful employment.

The St. Claire Academic-Practice Scholarship Program through Maysville Community & Technical College (MCTC) aims to remove economic barriers to education while providing a continuous stream of specialized employees to meet the workforce needs of St. Claire HealthCare in both clinical and nonclinical areas. In return, program participants agree to work full-time at St. Claire HealthCare for a period of years post-graduation.

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Areas of Study

Program participants can choose from the disciplines listed below at MCTC.

Clinical Opportunities:

  • Certified Medical Assistant
  • EMT
  • Health Science Technology
  • Medical Lab Tech
  • Nursing (Nurse Aid, LPN, & RN)
  • Paramedic
  • Phlebotomy
  • Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Respiratory Care

Non-Clinical Opportunities:

  • Administrative Office Technology
  • Culinary Arts
  • Computer & Information Technology
  • Construction Technology
  • HVAC
  • Medical Information Technology


Students will have access to a pool of scholarship dollars that will help close the gap between their cost of attendance and other forms of financial aid. Scholarship dollars may be used to cover additional allowable educational expenses such as supplies, uniforms, travel and testing fees.


Each program participant will be assigned a mentor to facilitate learning and provide professional support.


As students progress through their course of study, they may be recommended by MCTC or their mentors to become part-time employees at SCH. These roles may be in the form of an externship, internship or assistant, but they will be directly related to course of study. SCH is committed to providing flexible work hours so students will be successful in both school and work.

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