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Pediatric Speech Therapy

Speech-language pathologists, or speech therapists, address the ability to communicate a message using voice, fluency, articulation, and rhythm, as well as non-verbal methods such as body and sign language. They help children understand and use language to express their thoughts, feelings, and desires by developing optimal communication skills tailored to the child's specific needs.

Your child may benefit from speech therapy if they have trouble:

  • Learning how to speak or have a limited use of words
  • Pronouncing words so that others can understand
  • Answering and asking questions
  • Following directions
  • Responding when his or her name is called
  • Listening when there is noise in the background
  • Chewing and swallowing
  • Controlling excessive drooling
  • Speaking with peers

Pediatric behaviors that should trigger a referral to speech therapy:

By age 3 years cannot:

  • Be understood by family and/or caregivers
  • Correctly produce vowels and such sounds as p, b, m, w in words
  • Repeat when not understood without becoming frustrated

By age 4 years cannot:

  • Be understood by individuals with whom they do not associate regularly
  • Be understood by family and/or caregivers
  • Correctly produce t, d, k, g, f
  • Be asked to repeat without becoming sensitive

By age 5 years cannot:

  • Be understood in all situations by most listeners
  • Correctly produce most speech sounds
  • Be asked to repeat without exhibiting frustration

St. Claire offers specialized pediatric speech therapy services including:

Ask your child's healthcare provider to schedule an appointment with St. Claire Speech Therapy. For further information, contact St. Claire Outpatient Center at 606.783.6919.