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Lymphedema Therapy

Lymphedema is a chronic swelling disorder caused by the build-up of protein-rich fluid from blocked lymphatic channels. It can occur because of disruption to the lymphatic system from traumatic injuries, infection, impaired blood flow, cancer treatment, or surgical procedures, particularly when lymph nodes are removed or undergo radiation therapy.

St. Claire offers specialized outpatient therapy to aid in the management of lymphedema and help you return to an active lifestyle. Our certified therapists will evaluate your condition and develop a swelling management program customized to meet your specific needs.

Treatment typically includes:

  • Manual lymphatic drainage to mobilize and remove fluid from the affected area through a non-invasive, manual therapy technique
  • Multi-layer bandaging to reduce swelling and help soften the skin and tissue in a swollen limb
  • Flexibility, strength training and aerobic exercises to improve lymph drainage
  • Patient education where patients learn to manage lymphedema at home
  • Compression garments that reduce swelling during daytime activities
  • Compression pumping (in select cases) in which state-of-the-art pneumatic pumps help circulate lymphatic fluid
  • Instruction on self-help techniques which help you learn to manage the condition on your own

If you suffer from lymphedema, ask your healthcare provider for a referral to St. Claire Occupational Therapy for lymphedema therapy. Contact us at 606.780.5516 to learn more.