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Continued Stay Criteria

Patients are continually monitored to determine the ongoing need and appropriateness of participation in a comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation program. Patient progress and plan of care will be assessed not less than once every seven days to determine progress toward treatment goals and the necessity of continued treatment. Input from the members of the interdisciplinary team is used to continually update the treatment plan and to plan toward discharge.

A patient is considered eligible for continued stay when:

  • There is evidence that the patient has reasonable potential to achieve the goals of the rehabilitation program
  • The goals of the rehabilitation program include an increase in independence in activities of daily living and self-care
  • The members of the clinical team can document significant and continued progress toward the rehab goals
  • The goals of treatment can be achieved in a reasonable length of stay
  • The patient and, as appropriate, the family participate actively in the care
  • The patient is cognitively able to comprehend the goals of the rehab program
  • There are no medical or psychological problems that preclude the patient’s benefiting from continuing the comprehensive rehabilitation program

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