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  • “Some people do not believe that therapy works, but as a parent of a child with a big developmental delay, my opinion is very different. This program is very effective and they have impacted our lives greatly with their involvement and efforts to improve my baby’s developmental delays. My baby boy has shown outstanding improvements and has made great progress since we started attending therapy. The staff there are very kind, helpful, and caring to his needs. The techniques and exercises I’ve been shown in therapy are helpful for me to work with him more at home. We are very thankful to have the program and staff in our lives today!”

    - Submitted by Mom of a 1-year, 9-month-old boy receiving physical and occupational therapy
  • “Excited to say we have had great success with speech therapy. Sarah has been patient and yet energetic with my son. I could tell a huge difference within the first three sessions. He focuses more himself when speaking, correcting his mistakes. I had tried numerous times to get him assistance and it never worked out. I’m so thankful this team was able to help him. We can tell a difference at home. School teachers and family members have mentioned the progress. I like the relationship he has developed with his speech therapist. He enjoys the therapy and doesn’t dread it. We are very pleased with the St. Claire Healthcare Therapy Team!”

    - Submitted by Mom of a 5-year-old boy receiving speech therapy
  • - Submitted by Mom of a 4-year-old boy receiving occupational therapy