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St. Claire Regional recognizes Patient Safety Awareness Week

Hospital news | Tuesday, March 15, 2016
therapy staff with confident patient

St. Claire Regional (SCR) continues our commitment to patient safety by recognizing Patient Safety Awareness Week March 13-19, in collaboration with the National Patient Safety Foundation. At SCR, we firmly believe that “every day is patient safety day.”

When healthcare providers and organizations put safety first, everyone benefits. SCR enhances patient safety by having interdisciplinary rounding occur at bedsides in specific units. This gives patients the opportunity to be more actively involved in their care, and allows the patient to ask questions and bring concerns to the attention of their healthcare team in a timely manner.

In January 2016, SCR’s “8 Points of Rounding Campaign” kicked off with nursing staff focusing on more purposeful time spent with their patients. This approach to rounding provides an opportunity to improve the quality of the Hourly Rounding interaction between our staff and patients, in order to establish more of a connection with our patients and improve safety. Purposeful Hourly Rounding has been shown to improve patient satisfaction and pain control, and decrease falls.

The goal of SCR’s Hourly Rounding program is to provide an even more meaningful patient interaction by:

  • Ensuring that they are consistently comfortable
  • Anticipating their personal needs
  • Talking with them about their plan for the day, in addition to their treatment and discharge plans
  • Offering assistance with typical patient requests before they are made

Additionally, SCR recently installed new white boards in patient rooms to improve communication, which also helps to enhance patient safety. The boards make it easier to display and communicate important information, such as the names of the care team members, the patient’s plan of care or goals for the day, tests and treatments, dietary status, pain information and important contact numbers.

In an effort to identify and correct possible safety concerns, SCR involves staff in SWARMS. A SWARM is a type of root cause analysis conducted in a blame-free, protected environment, providing an opportunity to candidly share concerns for patient safety, and insights or ideas for appropriate identification of system opportunities to improve care.