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St. Claire Regional introduces acute care surgery model

Hospital news | Friday, June 10, 2016

St. Claire Regional (SCR) recently implemented a new acute care surgery model to improve the delivery of inpatient and general surgical care. The new model went into effect May 16 and replaces the traditional model, in which patients had to wait for a busy on-call surgeon who was often with other patients conducting scheduled consults and surgeries.

“(The acute care surgery model) allows patients, families and the surgeon to know there is always going to be a surgeon managing the day-to-day happenings at the hospital, including the ICU and emergency department, 24 hours a day, who will maintain the continuity of care for our patients,” St. Claire Regional General Surgeon Jacob Perry, MD, says.

Perry is one of three SCR surgeons currently providing the acute care surgery rotation. He is joined by General Surgeons James Lynch, MD, and Victor J. Pilewski, MD. “We will be the ones who see you on rounds; communicate with your operating surgeon, with your family members and consulting services; help with discharge planning; help with medical needs outside the hospital. We will be your consistent voice,” Lynch says.

The new model will not only help maintain continuity of care, it will also speed up the surgical process altogether, as patients will not have to wait for an on-call surgeon to become available before moving forward with treatment. “We’ll be able to promptly respond to changes in the patient’s condition and diagnoses throughout the day by being able to quickly be at their bedside, rather than having to make decisions over the phone from a remote location,” Pilewski explains.

“The sooner we can get your operation done and your problem fixed, the sooner you’ll be able to get back on your feet, get back to real life and not have to worry as much,” Perry adds.

In addition to accelerating recovery time, the acute care surgery model will also lessen the financial burden patients may experience when an unexpected surgery arises. “Every day we can prevent you from being in the hospital is a savings on your end from an insurance standpoint,” says Lynch.

The acute care surgery model is just another example of how St. Claire Regional continues to provide quality healthcare, close to home. “It’s a way to ensure that we are taking care of patients as effectively as possible,” Perry says.