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St. Claire Regional and Susan B. Komen Offering FREE Mammograms

Community news | Monday, March 16, 2015

Early Breast Cancer Detection Increases Survival Rates

St. Claire Regional and Susan B. Komen continue to have a limited number of FREE Mammograms still available thru March 31, 2015. The mammograms will be given out on a first- come, first-serve basis and provided at no cost at St. Claire Regional Women’s Imaging and Aesthetics. Participants must be uninsured or underinsured, 40 years or older and has not had a mammogram within the last year or has had a lump identified during a clinical exam.

For more information about mammogram screenings or to schedule an appointment for a FREE mammogram, contact Risa Elam at 606.783.6760.

While there are no proven methods of preventing breast cancer, finding and treating it in its earliest stages can lead to survival. The three most important recommendations for early detection and survival of breast cancer are to do monthly self-breast exams, have annual physical exams by your health care provider, and do yearly mammograms starting at age 40.