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St. Claire HealthCare, Mountain Comprehensive Care Center, and its Revived Recovery Announce Partnership to Support Patients in Addiction Recovery

St. Claire HealthCare, Mountain Comprehensive Care Center, and its Revived Recovery Announce Partnership to Support Patients in Addiction Recovery

Governor Andy Beshear joined more than 200 community members for the announcement of a new partnership between St. Claire HealthCare (SCH), Mountain Comprehensive Care Center (MCCC), and its Revived Recovery (Revived) designed to provide seamless, consistent care for patients suffering from substance use disorder.

“It is an honor and a privilege to announce yet another partnership to help our community continue to grow, thrive and flourish,” said Donald H. Lloyd, II, SCH President/CEO during Tuesday’s press conference. “SCH is working collaboratively with our partners in the recovery community to ensure everyone has access to comprehensive, coordinated care in a stigma-free environment before, during, and after recovery.”

Through this partnership, SCH will provide MCCC/Revived clients with medical stabilization, a medical home for both primary care and specialty medical services, and comprehensive pharmacy services including ongoing monitoring for high-risk medications, regardless of where they are on their recovery journey. It also integrates professionals from MCCC/Revived into SCH’s clinical delivery team to better navigate both the physiological and psychological needs of patients in recovery.

“This partnership is about bringing people together and weaving together the best possible treatment for people in recovery while embracing a holistic approach that integrates healthcare seamlessly,” added Jason Jones, MCCC Addictions Clinical Coordinator.

“To help every Kentuckian reach their full potential, we must live out our faith and values and support those who are struggling to overcome addiction,” said Gov. Andy Beshear. “This new partnership between St. Claire HealthCare and Mountain Comprehensive Care Center is doing that by providing quality healthcare, reducing the stigma around seeking help, and promoting second-chance employment.”

A proud supporter of second-chance employment, SCH is committed to providing opportunities for those who have fought the battle and achieved sobriety. SCH will work collaboratively with its new partners at MCCC/Revived to identify clients for employment opportunities across the health system. Employment consideration will include administrative and business-related roles, customer service, and appropriate medical assistance positions.

Additionally, SCH has committed an initial pool of $30,000 in scholarship aid for selected MCCC/Revived clients who become SCH employees and wish to continue their education. This includes support to complete technical programs, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees, and is accompanied by a guarantee of employment after program completion.

“This is another step forward for our community,” said Shellie W. Smith, MSN, RN, SCH Director of Behavioral Health. “I am proud to be part of an organization that is making it a priority to provide access to stigma-free medical services, second-chance employment, and scholarships for those in recovery.”

Immediately following the partnership announcement, SCH teamed up with MCCC/Revived to host a Recovery Resource Expo to spotlight recovery partners from across the region and showcase the businesses and community organizations that offer services and support to those in recovery. Nearly 40 recovery centers, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, second-chance employers, and others participated in the expo to provide support, inspiration, and valuable resources for the journey to recovery.

“Recovery does not end at a treatment center or intensive outpatient program. We have to bring these folks back into our community with open arms and provide them with services, employment, and education they need without stigma attached,” Smith-Wilburn added. “I am reassured with the combination of community support and strategic partnerships like SCH and MCCC/Revive have developed, our community can be a leading example of a complete recovery continuum.”

SCH’s mission to proclaim God’s goodness through a healing ministry to the people of Eastern Kentucky is evident in its continued efforts to improve the recovery ecosystem in the region. SCH recently announced more than $400,000 received from a U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) Strategy Development Grant would be used to explore the potential for establishing a Life Learning Center (LLC) in Morehead, along with expanding workforce training and behavioral health treatment services in the region.

Established in 2005 in urban northern Kentucky, LLC takes a holistic approach to helping at-risk citizens learn, secure, and sustain a better way of living through gainful employment. LLC helps its candidates/members find sustainable and meaningful employment while teaching soft skills, hosting mock interviews, and helping to craft resumes.

SCH was also named one of only 22 finalists for the EDA Distressed Area Recompete Pilot Program (Recompete). If selected for the Phase 2 Recompete implementation grant, SCH could receive more than $10 million to establish an LLC and support numerous other recovery and employment initiatives.

About St. Claire HealthCare:
St. Claire HealthCare is the largest employer in the region; with over 1,200 employees, including a growing medical staff of more than 125 physicians and nearly 70 advanced practice professionals representing more than 30 medical specialties. It includes the largest rural hospital in Eastern Kentucky, seven primary care locations located within five counties, a multi-specialty medical pavilion, two urgent care centers, a pediatrics clinic, as well as, a retail pharmacy, counseling center, medical equipment and supply store, and an outpatient center. Additionally, SCH provides home health and hospice services in eight counties within its 11-county service region.

About Revived Recovery:
MCCC’s Revived Recovery practices an advanced approach to residential and transitional addiction treatment, utilizing a combination of person-centered, evidence-based practices including the 12-step recovery process and cognitive behavior therapy, along with intensive outpatient and aftercare services. Its team is focused on providing needed support systems to assist clients in achieving sustainable, lasting recovery. Mountain Comprehensive Care Center (MCCC) provides quality care throughout Kentucky. Its employees contribute to recovery and hope offered through an array of programs, and more than 40,000 participants benefit from MCCC’s services each year. Mountain’s hope is to provide the best and most accessible care possible - helping clients identify opportunities for improvement in their lives and take the steps necessary to meet those challenges with success.