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SCH Commences Strategic Planning Review

SCH Commences Strategic Planning Review

On July 1, 2023, St. Claire HealthCare (SCH) will celebrate its 60th anniversary. According to Donald H. Lloyd, II, President/CEO, as SCH prepares to celebrate this milestone, the ministry has much to be thankful for.

“Despite the obstacles we faced throughout the pandemic, we have experienced growth both organically and geographically. We are growing our medical staff, expanding service lines, and building new facilities,” he said. “We have demonstrated tremendous advances in clinical, operational, and strategic performance. We are extremely proud to say our financial performance is at its strongest in our ministry’s history.”

So what will the next 60 years look like for St. Claire HealthCare?

That is a question St. Claire HealthCare’s leadership and Board of Directors take very seriously.

“St. Claire is instrumental in providing access to high-quality healthcare services throughout the region. To ensure our success, the Board has commissioned a comprehensive look at all aspects of our ministry,” said Lloyd. “This planning, conducted through a defined, organized approach, will explore facility needs, clinical programming opportunities, and strategic avenues for third-party relationships. At the heart of this initiative, and any findings that may result, is the desire to ensure SCH continues to thrive and meet the needs of our community for the next 60 years.”

St. Claire HealthCare will be conducting analyses and discussions with existing and new prospective collaborative organizations who may be interested in partnering with SCH to continue its clinical and academic success, and to perpetuate its mission to the communities of Eastern Kentucky. Through this process, they hope to identify the potential clinical and academic benefits these organizations could bring to SCH. Most importantly, Lloyd says, they will explore the level of recognition and appreciation both existing and prospective partners have for St. Claire HealthCare’s mission, values, and Catholic identity.

Looking back, there is no question that this health system has been blessed over the years. Thanks to the efficient stewardship of its leaders and the critical strategic partnerships they secured along the way, SCH has been fortunate to have experienced decades of growth that allowed the ministry to fulfill its mission and care for those who need it most.

Dr. Claire Louise Caudill, SCH’s founding physician, had a vision of building a ‘good hospital’ in Morehead, but she could not do it alone. Financial obstacles aside, when the hospital was set to open, Dr. Caudill knew she would need quality physicians and expertise in hospital administration. As you might imagine, recruiting to rural Eastern Kentucky in the 1960s was not easy.

“Our sponsoring congregation, the Sisters of Notre Dame (SND), answered our call. Their sponsorship was crucial to the success of St. Claire not only by helping to secure the finances necessary to build the hospital but also by providing the staff to manage the hospital’s day-to-day operations,” said Donald H. Lloyd, II, SCH President/CEO. “The hospital may never have come into existence without their partnership and we are grateful each and every day for their continued sponsorship.”

As for finding physicians, Dr. Caudill turned to Dr. Warren Proudfoot, a professor at the University of Kentucky for assistance. St. Claire needed quality physicians and Dr. Proudfoot needed a quality facility where his residents could train. It was a perfect match. While it has evolved over the years, the affiliation these two physicians worked to create in 1963 remains to this day.

These are just two examples of strategic partnerships that were not only essential to the creation of the health system but are the foundation for its continued growth. Throughout its rich history, SCH and those it serves have benefited from collaborations with clinical, academic, and community partners.

St. Claire HealthCare is blessed in so many ways, most importantly, with the dedicated and compassionate people.

“Each and every day, I witness the tremendous contributions the men and women who serve our ministry make to our health system. From the physicians, nurses, technicians, and therapists who bring comfort and healing to our patients, to the housekeepers, food service workers, maintenance staff, clerical staff, allied health professionals, and all those who keep our health system operating, our people truly are our greatest asset,” said Lloyd. “Their willingness to answer our ministry’s call to serve Eastern Kentucky is truly remarkable.”

As St. Claire looks to the next 60 years, they believe the health system will continue to be blessed through new and continued relationships with those who share a passion for its mission and a love for those they serve.

“This is a new era of healthcare delivery in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and an exciting time full of opportunity for St. Claire HealthCare,” Lloyd said. “As we continue through this exploration, know with certainty our leaders will carefully and thoughtfully consider all opportunities they believe will put SCH on a path for sustained strategic growth while preserving our mission for the next 60 years.”