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Porter Finds Relief From Decades of Pain with St. Claire HealthCare orthopaedics

Porter Finds Relief From Decades of Pain with St. Claire HealthCare orthopaedics


Pain can keep a person from doing the activities that they love and from spending quality time with their family. The mental and physical toll that this can have on someone is tremendous.

That is how Gene Porter felt when he was dealing with injuries to his shoulder and leg.

A man that is dedicated to his family, his faith, and his business, Porter’s injuries were holding him back from the things he loved to do.

“I couldn’t lift my shoulder, I couldn’t sleep, and couldn’t rest,” said Porter. “With my leg, it was sore, swollen, and I couldn’t walk and do things to be active.”

While in high school, Porter was involved in many organized sports including baseball, basketball, and football.

“I was the kid that would cut their cast off so that I could play in a game,” he said. “I was not the best patient and that is likely what caused the injuries and medical issues that I experienced later in life.”

Porter underwent surgeries for both his shoulder and leg injuries but both were unsuccessful causing the continuation of his pain.

“I was miserable, I hurt, and I was not the same person that I once was,” he said. “I wasn’t able to hold my grandchildren and exercise the way that I wanted due to the chronic pain.”

When Porter came to St. Claire HealthCare orthopaedics, he talked with Charles Pesson, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, about the issues that he was having and the restrictions they were placing on his daily activities.

Dr. Pesson performed surgery on his shoulder to help relieve pain that he had been dealing with for nearly 15 years. Ten weeks after having his shoulder repaired, Porter underwent surgery on his leg. During this surgery, Dr. Pesson found that Porter had suffered a 7 and ½ inch quadricep muscle tear which was the source of his ongoing pain.

“I cannot say enough good things about St. Claire and the people that work here,” said Porter. “They thoroughly explained everything, listened to my concerns, and truly cared about my well-being.”

Today, Porter is glad to be able to be the husband, father, and grandfather he strives to be for his family. Both surgeries were successful and allowed him to return to the active life he was meant to live.

“Now, I am pain-free and I feel like me again,” said Porter. “I am glad that I am more of a joy to be around and be able to share that with my family.”

If your chronic pain is keeping you down, you don’t have to suffer through it. St. Claire HealthCare’s orthopedic team offers non-surgical and surgical treatment options to relieve your pain. Call 606.780.5500 to schedule an appointment or request an appointment online at Same-day or next-day appointments may be available.

St. Claire HealthCare orthopaedics is located inside the St. Claire Medical Pavilion at 245 Flemingsburg Rd., in Morehead.