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St. Claire HealthCare Issues Security Alert

St. Claire HealthCare Issues Security Alert

A number of “swatting” incidents have been reported to local law enforcement agencies throughout the night and into this morning. Initially the threats were directed toward Morehead State University, but St. Claire HealthCare and the main campus has also been mentioned within these most recent communications.

St. Claire HealthCare has been in touch with all law enforcement agencies. The Rowan County Sheriff’s Department and Morehead Police Department are advising, counseling, and assisting St. Claire HealthCare with enhanced security measures.

At this time, we have not restricted access to our facilities, but please be assured we have taken prudent and effective security measures based on the threat and have a heightened a security presence visible on St. Claire HealthCare’s main campus.

We are hopeful law enforcement will quickly apprehend the suspect or suspects. Until that time, St. Claire HealthCare will continue to take all necessary actions to ensure the safety of our patients, visitors, and staff.