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SCH Recognizes Staff Commitment Throughout Pandemic

SCH Recognizes Staff Commitment Throughout Pandemic

​As the COVID-19 adventure began, few if any anticipated the twists and turns we’d take along the way.

“Throughout it all, one thing has remained constant and that’s the willingness of St. Claire staff to fight this pandemic head-on with strength, dedication, and compassion,” said Donald H. Lloyd, II, SCH President/CEO.

The work of St. Claire HealthCare’s doctors, nurses, and frontline staff has been nothing short of heroic. The courage and compassion they have displayed while caring for their patients during this unprecedented time have been inspiring.

Home care and home medical equipment staff venture beyond the frontlines to care for some of our area’s most vulnerable patients. From the city streets to some of the most secluded areas of Eastern Kentucky, their work is a true example of St. Claire’s mission to proclaim God’s goodness through a healing ministry to the people of Eastern Kentucky.

Countless staff work behind the scenes to support clinical initiatives and provide the services St. Claire’s patients depend on. Facilities crews work tirelessly to modify environments of care. Teams in the kitchen prepare meals to nourish patients and staff. Environmental services crews keep facilities clean. Information technology teams help to discover new ways to deliver patient care. No matter the job title, or where they work, each member of the St. Claire family continues to play an essential role in the health system’s success throughout the pandemic.

“This pandemic brought on challenges we never imagined, but St. Claire’s leadership team sacrificed tremendously and continued working around the clock to ensure we were prepared to face the unknown,” said Lloyd. “It’s their strength and leadership that has pulled us through this pandemic and will continue to guide us into the future.”

In recognition of the tremendous sacrifices made during the pandemic and the outstanding clinical achievements our team accomplished despite COVID-19, St. Claire HealthCare’s Board of Directors has approved appreciation awards for its healthcare heroes. Every full-time and part-time hourly and salaried employee across all entities of St. Claire Healthcare who meet the eligibility criteria will be recognized with this financial award. This recognition, approved by our Board of Directors, represents an investment of nearly $1 million for our employees. The one-time appreciation awards were distributed to staff today.

“I am thankful to our Board of Directors for their support of these initiatives to recognize the hard work, sacrifice, and great leadership of our staff in a time of uncertainty and angst,” said Lloyd. “I can’t thank our teams enough for their hard work, commitment, and especially their passion for our mission in the most uncertain of times. They truly are healthcare heroes.”

While St. Claire HealthCare will continue to aggressively monitor it’s financial and operational status during this crisis, Lloyd stated SCH is now resuming strategic investments to grow it’s medical staff, expand services, and enhance its mission.