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St. Claire Auxiliary Offers Christmas Donation to the St. Claire Foundation

St. Claire Auxiliary Offers Christmas Donation to the St. Claire Foundation

The St. Claire Auxiliary is giving the gift of a heartbeat this Christmas!

St. Claire HealthCare’s volunteer organization is donating the funds needed to purchase a LUCAS Chest Compression System, a device that provides continuous and safe chest compressions during CPR. The LUCAS system is portable and can be used anywhere it is needed throughout the hospital, has been shown to improve CPR quality over long durations, improves efficiency when administering life-saving care, and keeps caregivers safe while avoiding exposure to any illness the patient may have.

“Having healthcare providers perform CPR can expose them to COVID-19, therefore they may fall ill themselves,” said Sarah Flynn, BSN, RN, SCH Nurse Manager of Emergency Services. “PPE failure can occur due to the strenuous nature of CPR. LUCAS will definitely reduce that risk.”

“The St. Claire Foundation’s 2020 Christmas Appeal focuses on raising money for the purchase of multiple LUCAS Compression Systems,” said Tom Lewis, SCH Foundation Executive Director. “With the other donations we have received, SCH will be able to acquire at least one other LUCAS device, as well.”

Along with the donation for the purchase of a LUCAS System, the St. Claire Auxiliary is also making a $10,000 donation to the Foundation’s Greatest Need Fund, a fund that financially supports staff members that may be facing hardships.

“COVID-19 has forced us to scale back dramatically on the number of volunteers who can actively be involved at St. Claire. However, in the midst of a very challenging year, our volunteers have remained committed to supporting our mission and ministry. They are heroes throughout this pandemic, as well!” said Lewis.

If you are interested in offering a gift to the St. Claire 2020 Christmas Appeal, visit