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Fireworks Safety

Many of us will be celebrating our nation’s birthday and Independence this week by enjoying firework displays and cookouts. While most of us attend public firework shows where there is little to no risk involved, some of us purchase fireworks for home use, make our own homemade fireworks, and even buy illegal ones. So, fireworks safety is very important. Not only can they cause severe damage to you and your loved ones, but they also start an average of 18,500 fires every year. Stay safe and use fireworks properly! Follow these tips when planning your own firework event or display.

  • Only use fireworks that are legal in your state
  • Children should never use or handle fireworks
  • Preteens and young adults should be supervised by an adult
  • Use protective eyewear (you and anyone near)
  • Light fireworks in a safe area. (Always, outside & away from dead grass)
  • Never hold them in your hand, near your body, or towards someone/yourself
  • Always have a source of water nearby

Are Sparklers Dangerous?

Yes, sparklers can be very dangerous and harmful for children of all ages and especially under five years. Once lit, the sparkler will spark and burn around 2,000 degrees hot- that’s hot enough to melt brass metal! Children often are not careful when handling fireworks and could accidentally drop a lit sparkler on themselves catching their clothing on fire. The best way to avoid this is to offer young children glow sticks or colored streamers instead.

In case of injury, St. Claire Healthcare’s Emergency Room is open 24/7 providing medical expertise, when and where, you need it most. Stay safe & follow our fireworks safety tips.