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Family Medicine Residency


The University of Kentucky Rural Training Track (St. Claire Family Medicine Residency Program) is an ACGME accredited rural training track for the University of Kentucky. Residents are employees of the University of Kentucky. The first year of residency is spent at UK in Lexington. PGY2 and 3 are at St. Claire Regional in Morehead, Kentucky. The ACGME residency continuity clinic is located on the first floor of the Center for Health Education and Research (CHER) building in Morehead. The residency is administered by the University of Kentucky Graduate Medical Office (GME) and residents abide by the University of Kentucky's GME policies and procedures. 


In August 2012, St. Claire Regional Medical Center, in partnership with the Appalachian-Osteopathic Postgraduate Training Institute Consortium, Inc. (A-OPTIC) received accreditation for a parallel AOA accredited residency program. Residents are employees of St. Claire Regional Medical Center. All three years of the residency are completed at St. Claire Regional Medical Center and St. Claire's rural health clinic, St. Claire Family Medicine in Sandy Hook, Kentucky. The St. Claire Family Medicine Clinic in Sandy Hook is located 28 miles from the hospital. The AOA residency is administered by the St. Claire Regional Graduate Medical Education committee and residents abide by SCR's Human Resources policies and procedures.