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St. Claire Counseling

St. Claire Counseling provides mental health services for St. Claire Regional Medical Center and the surrounding communities. Our comprehensive outpatient program offers a full continuum of mental health services. Our counseling center is conveniently located less than half a mile from St. Claire Regional in Morehead, Kentucky. At St. Claire Counseling, we recognize that emotional, behavioral and substance abuse problems affect all areas of a person's life. Individualized treatment plans are tailored to address each person's unique problems and needs. Each patient undergoes an evaluation to determine the most appropriate level of care needed.

Confidentiality and Patient Rights

St. Claire Counseling's commitment to each patient's confidentiality is ensured by our legal responsibility as mandated by law. Each staff member is dedicated to upholding these standards in all communications and records. All inquiries are strictly confidential. Patient rights are assured at St. Claire Counseling.

We believe in the respectful treatment of patients, family members and staff, while providing a safe and supportive environment.


Individuals may be self-referred to any of our mental health services offered at St. Claire Counseling. Referrals are also accepted from healthcare providers, school personnel, and family members. However, we do ask that adults call to schedule their own appointments. Emergency assessments and treatment are also available 24 hours a day through the Emergency Department at St. Claire Regional Medical Center. Family members or patients can also make inquiries by calling our Helpline at 888.400.4544.

Mental Health and Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric, emotional and substance abuse problems can affect careers, marriages and relationships. St. Claire Counseling offers a confidential, caring environment that promotes crisis resolution, positive self-awareness, social skills and personal growth. Therapeutic components may include individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, referral to 12-step support groups and medication management.

Psychiatric treatment is offered to adults, adolescents and children through outpatient psychotherapy or, when necessary, a referral for acute inpatient hospitalization. Child and adolescent needs are addressed through individual therapy, family therapy, and close collaboration with school personnel, if indicated. For patients whose treatment needs can best be met through individual outpatient therapy, we have well-trained professionals who are licensed in their respective disciplines and stay current on the latest treatment modalities. St. Claire Counseling is continually finding ways to provide mental health services in a convenient, effective manner. Frequently, patients can see a psychiatrist through the Kentucky Telemedicine Network at a site in their hometown.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can refer someone to St. Claire Counseling?

We welcome referrals by medical or mental health caregivers, case managers, employee assistance programs, family members, community agencies, hospitals, clergy, friends, and patients themselves. If you would like further information, call our representative at 606.783.6805 or 888.400.4544.

Will my insurance company pay for the services?

St. Claire Counseling works closely with patients, their families, agency representatives, insurance companies, EAPs and managed care providers to determine all possible payment options. In addition, St. Claire Counseling will accept direct payment of fees for individuals who do not have or want to use insurance. We are an approved provider for most major insurance companies and managed care plans. Please feel free to call 606.783.6805 or 888.400.4544 to determine if St. Claire Counseling accepts your insurance plan.

If I have a problem on a weekend or in the evening, how do I contact St. Claire Counseling?

You can call St. Claire's Mental Health Unit at 606.783.6662, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Nurses are available to help those in crisis due to mental illness or chemical dependency.