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Family and Friends Connection

Anyone who has had a loved one hospitalized knows how stressful it can be when you can’t be by their side. Thanks to St. Claire HealthCare's Friends & Family Connection, powered by Nobl Health, you now have quick access to secure, online patient care updates.

Take Me There!

We want families to be comfortable stepping away from the hospital or returning to work knowing updates about their loved one are easily accessible. Thanks to the Family & Friends Connection we can now provide them with real-time patient care updates 24/7.

Rest assured all information is secure. Only those with an access code will be able to view any information.

The tool also gives family members a chance to share their feedback about the nursing care provided.

This new platform encourages a genuine relationship with patients and families to ensure their expectations and needs are being met. This will allow staff to uncover, communicate, and resolve issues quickly.

The Family & Friends Connection not only facilitates communication, which can impact a patient’s experience, but it also improves efficiency allowing nurses to spend more time doing what matters most; caring for patients.