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St. Claire Regional Homecare & Hospice Social Workers - Making a Difference

Hospital news | Tuesday, March 20, 2012
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March is National Social Work Month – congratulations to all the hard working professionals in this field. The study of social work offers a broad variety of opportunities in the job market. All areas demand compassion, empathy, and dedication from the practitioner. A special group of Social Workers provide services in the patient’s home. They help those who want to remain in their own homes during times of sickness, age-related issues and particularly at end-of-life. St. Claire Regional HomeCare and Hospice Social Workers help patients and families by:

  • Counseling individuals on end-of-life decision making and ensuring their wishes are documented and known by completing advanced directives
  • Identifying emotional and spiritual needs of the patient and their loved ones and finding appropriate support as needed.
  • Assisting with bridging family gaps to bring loved one together whenever possible
  • Assisting survivors with necessary arrangements and paperwork after a family members death occurs
  • Providing grief and bereavement counseling for adults and children
  • Contacting local agencies and/or community resources that may be of help to patients and families
  • Assistance with insurance, Medicare and Medicaid paperwork

This list could go on and on… we salute the St. Claire Regional HomeCare and Hospice Social Workers who “make a difference” for needy patients in our community.