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St. Claire Foundation receives significant gift from Rose Orlich Estate

Foundation news | Thursday, October 27, 2016
rose orlich

The St. Claire Foundation is the recipient of a six-figure cash and real estate gift from the estate of longtime Morehead State University English professor Rose Orlich. Orlich passed away in March. She was 88 years old.

In her will, Orlich bequeathed her longtime home on Knapp Avenue in Morehead to the St. Claire Foundation. She divided the majority of the remainder of her estate among several charities, and the Foundation’s share was approximately $100,000, said Paul R. Stokes, attorney for the estate.

“Rose had been a faithful supporter of our Foundation for many years,” said St. Claire Regional Medical Center President/CEO Mark J. Neff. “But even with her history of generosity, we can’t begin to express how grateful and humbled we were when we learned about the magnitude of her legacy gift to us.”

Orlich served on the MSU English faculty for 22 years. She was also an award-winning poet who published two books of poetry. For nearly two decades, Orlich held the position of Church Lector at Jesus Our Savior Catholic Church, where she was a member.

“Her faith was such an integral part of Rose’s life. It means so much to know that she saw us as a worthy and appropriate recipient and an organization that will continue to carry on the Christian ministry that was so important to her,” said St. Claire Foundation Executive Director Tom Lewis.

Because it is located so far from the hospital campus, Neff said SCR will likely sell the Orlich house. “It is a quaint home, and Sherwood Forest is a nice, secluded neighborhood,” Neff said.