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Food Safety Tips

Preparing & Storing Fresh Produce

A healthy diet with fruits and vegetables provides important health benefits, but selecting, storing and preparing them is just as important!

Fruits and vegetables add much needed nutrients to your diet and can help decrease your chances of heart disease, stroke and some cancers as well as help you manage your weight. But did you know there can be risks in eating raw fruits and vegetables? Harmful germs such as Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria can sometimes be found on fresh produce. The safest steps you can take is selecting the healthiest produce as well as properly storing, cleaning and preparing them before eating.

When selecting produce:

  • Choose produce that is not damaged or bruised
  • Keep precut produce cold, make sure you only purchase precut produce that is on ice or refrigerated
  • Separate your produce from raw meats in your shopping cart and grocery bags

When at home:

  • Store produce (fresh and prepared) away from, not below or beside, raw meats
  • Wash your hands, food prep utensils and surfaces before and after preparing produce
  • Clean produce before eating, cutting or cooking
  • Keep produce separated from raw meats during meal prep
  • Refrigerate cut, peeled or cooked produce within 2 hours

The proper handling of fresh produce can help reduce and limit your chances of food-borne illness.