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Medical Specialties Relocated to Medical Pavilion

Did your St. Claire HealthCare provider move?

You may have heard the exciting news that St. Claire HealthCare recently opened a new Medical Pavilion. But what you might not know, is where to go for your next appointment.

If you have previously been seen by a healthcare provider located at Cave Run Surgical Specialists or Morehead Medical Specialists, your provider’s office has moved into the new Medical Pavilion. Also, some services previously provided at the St. Claire Outpatient Center are now in the Medical Pavilion.

Below is a complete list of medical specialties that have moved to the St. Claire Medical Pavilion.

  • Bariatric Surgery - 3rd Floor
    James Lynch, MD
  • Cardiology - 3rd Floor
    Ahmad Isbitan, MD; Mansha Kahloon, MD; Alisha Perry, PA-C; Erin Smith, PA-C; and Cassie Stanley, APRN
  • Gastroenterology - 2nd Floor
    Thadis C. Cox, MD and Sarah Campbell, APRN
  • General Surgery - 3rd Floor
    Michael Burton, MD; James Lynch, MD; Jacob Perry, MD; Mary Phillips, MD; and Katrina Winkler, MD
  • Nephrology - 2nd Floor
  • Mohamed Elshayeb, MD
  • Neurology - 2nd Floor
    Steven Deitch, MD
  • Oncology - 2nd Floor
    Allen Lim, MD and Brittany Blair, APRN
  • Orthopedics - 1st Floor
    Charles Crouse, MD; R. Thomas Fossett, MD; Lacinda Rishel, PA-C; Steven Stanley, APRN; and Marsha Wall, PA-C
  • Pain Management - 2nd Floor
    Joshua Cory Bailey, MD and Steve McFarland, APRN
  • Palliative Medicine - 2nd Floor
    John Sanders, MD and Jennifer Hardin, PA-C
  • Podiatry - 3rd Floor
    Colby Holmes, DPM
  • Primary Care - 2nd Floor
    Stephen Damron, MD; Selena Raines, DO; Laith J. Sweis, MD; and Anthony Weaver, MD
  • Pulmonology - 2nd Floor
    Steven Koenig, MD
  • Rehabilitation Services (Physical, Occupational & Speech) - 1st Floor
  • Telemedicine - 3rd Floor
  • Urology - 1st Floor
    Eugene Greenberg, MD; O. Thomas Newcomb III, MD; and O. Thomas Newcomb IV, MD

The Medical Pavilion is conveniently located on St. Claire HealthCare’s main campus at 245 Flemingsburg Road, just off Second Street. For the benefit of our patients, we also offer a retail pharmacy and lab services within the Medical Pavilion. Please click here for directions and parking information.

If you have any questions about the location of your next appointment, please call 606.780.5500.