Speech Therapy

St. Claire Regional Medical Center (SCR) offers quality speech therapy services to the youngest of children, senior citizens and everyone in between.  Whether the problem is a developmental delay in childhood, difficulty swallowing or feeding after an injury or illness (such as cancer or stroke), or difficulty communicating, speech therapy can offer significant benefits to a patient’s quality of life.

Our speech-language pathologist can help patients:

Improve oral-motor skills
Be a verbal communicator
Be an intelligible speaker
Process and comprehend spoken language
Put words together to formulate their thoughts with age-appropriate grammatical skills
Diminish "jargon" and replace with effective verbal communication
Be able to understand directions and language beyond their memorized routines
Desensitize children and adults to their difficulties and instill confidence, trust, and self-esteem

Pediatric Behaviors that might need a referral include:

By age 3 cannot:
be understood by family and/or caregivers.
correctly produce vowels and such sounds as p, b, m, w in words.
repeat when not understood without becoming frustrated.

By age 4 cannot:
be understood by individuals with whom they do not associate regularly.
be understood by family and caregivers.
correctly produce t, d, k, g, f.
be asked to repeat without becoming sensitive.

By age 5 cannot:
be understood in all situations by most listeners.
correctly produce most speech sounds.
be asked to repeat without exhibiting frustration.

The specially trained speech therapists at SCR’s Outpatient Center can help.  Please call 606.783.6919 or 606.783.7676 for more information or to schedule an evaluation with a speech therapist.