Cardiac Rehabilitation

St. Claire Regional Medical Center (SCR) cardiac rehabilitation services provides individualized programs designed to help patients recover after any heart-related event.

SCR’s cardiac rehabilitation team develops and monitors exercise, education and counseling sessions designed to improve patients’ heart health. Family members play an important role in the recovery process and are encouraged to participate. A supportive atmosphere helps patients reach their goals and achieve long-term success.

Cardiac rehabilitation is separated into three phases, each focusing on specific stages of the recovery process. Patients will begin the program in the phase that best fits their stage of recovery.

Phase I: 
In-Hospital Therapy
In-hospital therapy beings within days of a cardiac event. This phase of the program includes exercise and education about decreasing your potential for a second cardiac event.

Phase II:
Telemetry-Monitored Exercise Program
Following a doctor’s referral, each patient undergoes a graded exercise test and an individualized exercise plan is designed. During telemetry-monitored exercise programs, each patient wears a monitor that gathers information such as heart rate, breathing, blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation. This information allows trained staff to adjust exercises to best fit each patient. This portion of the program is covered by most insurance companies.

Phase III:
Wellness Phase
Patients participate in the wellness phase to help maintain their commitment to a healthy lifestyle. The cardiac rehabilitation team continues to monitor each patient and encourage individuals to exercise one to three times a week. Patients who consistently exercise demonstrate ongoing benefits to their physical and emotional health. Patients are financially responsible for this portion of the program.

For more information about  SCR’s cardiac rehabilitation services call 606.783.6748 or 606.783.6749.