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Markey Cancer Center Affiliation

The unique affiliate partnership between SCR and the UK Markey Cancer Center provides our region with some of today’s most advanced radiation and chemo therapies. Located on the campus of SCR, the Cancer Treatment Center is a modern cancer treatment facility offering advanced radiation medicine - close to home.

This partnership allows for UK physicians to provide onsite advanced cancer treatments in Morehead and provides over $4 million in new radiation medicine equipment. Some of the new radiation equipment includes:

Linear Accelerator with Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) capability - external beam radiotherapy, delivering more precisely targeted radiation beams to tumors, while sparing the surrounding healthy tissue – a painless procedure.

Siemens Sensation Open CT Simulator - a comprehensive oncology solution for advanced virtual CT Simulation enabling visualization of the complete anatomy for more accurate oncology treatment planning - optimizes the clinical process of image guided radiation therapy planning.