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Dr. Allem Lim, Oncologist/HematologistOncology Services

Your cancer treatment is personal and so is the care you receive at St Claire Regional Medical Center (SCR). SCR provides advanced cancer treatment services, diagnostic technology and cancer-related education and support. Patients can be assured they are receiving the best cancer care available- and it’s close to home.

When you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, your thoughts turn to where you can receive the best, most complete care. Who can you trust? What resources are available to you? Fortunately, you’ll find the answers you need—plus a lot more—at SCR. We have a comprehensive, nationally accredited oncology program with health care providers who deliver expert care and compassion. SCR delivers personalized care at every stage of your treatment and recovery.

Allen Lim, MD, SCR Medical Oncologist, helps ensure that each SCR cancer patient receives the highest quality of care by combining state-of-the-art treatment techniques while offering needed support. Dr. Lim states, “I am proud to say that I have been providing care for cancer patients for over 20 years - most of which has been in this region. Many patients still believe cancer treatments will only make them sicker; however, many things have changed the course of cancer care over the years. The treatments are now easier on the patient and more successful. Even though the number of cancer patients continues to grow, the survival rate has increased significantly. Thanks to advanced technology, patients are now living much longer.”

SCR’s cancer care program is accredited by the American College of Surgeons through its adherence to the Commission on Cancer’s Program Standards. SCR’s Cancer Program received 7 special awards of commendation by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer.

For more information about Oncology Services, please call 606.780.5375.